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International Brand Partner is an organization that focuses on the representation of National and International brands.

Together we are strong

Thanks to collaboration with several global partners we are able to help new and emerging brands to create a stable market position. We do this by using our existing network, but especially by filling up new opportunities and gaps in the market.

Development & Growth

We offer established brands an optimization of their brand. We use our network and we look together with our partner at how we can optimize the existing sales channels. After a full optimization, we will tap new channels and provide a larger market.

Passion & Experience

IBP creates the correct link between brands and sales channels and operates from passion for products and the experience as a retailer. Today we can proudly say that we are the distributor of various brands such as Everlast Boxing, Lonsdale Boxing, Benlee Boxing, Boxeur des Rues and Shock Doctor.

Information for Dealers

It is easy to become a dealer of one of our brands. When you are a dealer you will have access to the most popular brands on the European market. Through our online B2B platform it is easy to send us your orders. All order will immediately be processed and delivered within 2 days.

Recognized brands

International Brand Partner (IBP) is the distributor of well-known brands such as Everlast Boxing, Lonsdale Boxing, Benlee Boxing, Boxeur des Rues and Shock Doctor.

Excellent service

Our team is always ready to think along with our brands and dealers. We have an excellent distribution, fluent logistics and a pro-active attitude to grow together with our partners.

Fast & flexible logistics

Our logistics network ensures that orders will be delivered within two days. We have a flexible support department that can arrange last minute orders. If possible, We will always send it.

No order costs above 300,- Euro

International Brand Partner delivers throughout Europe. Click here for the order costs

Proactive distributor

Our team has many years of experience as a distributor of brands. We are always actively working to assist our dealers with the sales of our brands. We do this by brainstorming with our partners.

Sign up as a dealer

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Below are a few boxing associations we work with.

Information for Brands

With us you can easily sign your brand and gain access to our European network of dealers who can offer your product range to your target audience.

Excellent dealers

All of our dealers are tested and verified before being admitted to our network and your products. We bear responsibility for the fact that all dealers are reliable.

Customer support

Our team is always willing to think along with our brands and dealers. For all your questions you can contact us directly through our live chat.

Distributor with experience

International Business Partner is an experienced distributor and representative of brands. We have experience with both National and International Logistics.

International network

Our network of dealers continues to grow and right now we have a dealer in all European countries. So from day one you can reach all parts of Europe by joining our network.

Warehousing and logistics

International Brand Partner has a warehouse, which can store all the products of your brand. Our dealers can place orders of your products via an easy and fast interface.

Are you interested in joining our network?

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