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Shock Doctor

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Shock Doctor is an American brand, founded in 1992. Shock Doctor is known as the undisputed leader in the US in the field of mouth protection in various sports such as boxing, MMA and hockey.

Shock Doctor focuses on technology that provides the best protection combined with beautiful and sleek design. Through constant development the products of Shock Doctor are suitable for all types of athletes, both on a professional and amateur level.

Besides the mouth guards Shock Doctor also offers various protection articles for the head, ankles, shoulders and knees.

International Brand Partner is a partner of Shock Doctor and supplies these products as a wholesaler in the Benelux.



Shock Doctor is a pioneer in the field of protection. They spend a lot of time and money in the development of their products. They always offer quality, something I like to do as well, and that is the main reason I like to work with them.

Mike Sterling - Dealer

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